3 Halloween Home Safety Hacks


Halloween is a time for little ghosts and goblins to rule the night seeking tricks and treats throughout the neighborhood. It’s even a time that adults can enjoy as well. Because of this increase of traffic on October 31st it’s important to take precautions so that you and yours can enjoy the evening without anyone getting hurt. Here are 3 Halloween home safety hacks for a fun and safe night.

1.) Lit Path: Passing out candy this year? Be sure your front yard and walkway are free and clear to avoid tripping hazards. Having your porch light on or well-lit decorations will help it so that every little boy and ghoul can make it to your front door hazard free. And if you’re planning n using real candles inside a jack-o-lantern or to light your walk-way consider safer options. The National Fire Protection Association warns this type of lighting causes a fire hazard to your home. Instead of real candles, opt for LED tea lights or wind a string of orange lights around your front porch.

2.) Protect your pets: Got a furry friend who normally loves company? On a night filled with masked arrivers and excessive doorbell ringing, all the noise and activity could frighten your favorite feline or Fido and causing them to get underfoot or worse, accidently bite a trick or treater. It’s best to keep your pets safely locked up to keep them and your guests safe.

3.) Safety indoors: If you’re hosting a party or an open haunted house, be sure to check your fire alarms to make sure they’re operating effectively. Also, keep decorations like crepe paper away from carved pumpkins and open flames. The U.S. Fire Administration also recommends making sure any decorative lights you plan to use have sockets, wires and connectors that are in good working order before use.

Have more safety tips? Please feel free to share them on our Facebook page. The Russo Team wishes you a safe and Happy Halloween! – Frank

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