3 Home Irritants That Are Making You Sick

There’s a reason why the adage, “Home, sweet home” resonates with so many of us. Home is where the heart is and usually where we are at our most comfortable. But what happens when your haven becomes a harbor for the types of pollutants that make you sick? Here are 3 home irritants that are making you sick and how you can help rid your home of them.

1.) Cleaning Products: Hard to believe that the products designed to keep your home clean could also be bad for you. But certain cleaning products, especially the ones with strong fumes have can cause eye irritation, headaches, and breathing problems. Not to mention the skin irritation if you’re not protecting yourself with gloves. If you choose to use potentially carcinogenic cleaning products, be sure to read the label carefully so as not to use more than what’s recommended. Also, be sure to open windows and dilute when needed. Want to avoid strong cleaning products all together? Go natural and buy green cleaners or better yet, mix your own. Good Housekeeping offers safe and effective cleaning mixtures you can make for your home and breathe easy.

2.) HVAC Systems: As the temperature heats up in Arizona, your air conditioner unit gets more use than usual. When AC units cool your home, they often leave traces of water in the ducts that can become a cesspool of mold and bacteria. These microbial growths can be linked to respiratory ailments such as allergies, asthma, frequent colds, and headaches.  Changing your air filters monthly is a must, and having your air ducts cleaned by a professional will not only help your system run more efficiently, but can also help alleviate those health concerns.

3.) Furniture: Living in the beautiful deserts of Arizona makes tracking dust into your home pretty tough to avoid especially during the dust storms. So it’s inevitable that your favorite comfy sofa or mattress could be housing dust mites that set off asthma and allergies in people who are susceptible to those conditions. Unfortunately according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) every home has dust mites, but there are ways to cut back on them if they are affecting you or someone in your home. Washing your sheets and covers weekly in hot water and allowing them sufficient time to dry can help cut down allergens. Also weekly dusting and vacuuming (with a clean vacuum) can help rid your home of dust mites that lurk in the carpets, furniture, and curtains.

Ridding your home of these 3 home irritants is not guaranteed to alleviate allergies or respiratory concerns, but every little bit can help. And who doesn’t like breathing easy in their home?  If you’d like more information on keeping your home pollutant free, please contact The Russo Team today.


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