3 Space Saving Tips for Every Home

If you’re like most homeowners, you want to make the most of the space in your home. But after years of accumulating furniture, knick knacks, and junk it’s no wonder so many homes feel unorganized, cramped, and cluttered. Here are 3 space saving tips for every home that just might help you find the extra space and sanity you’ve been looking for in your home.

Scale back: That grandiose china cabinet. Your massive California King bed. Or the dining table that seats twelve even though only four people live at home. Those huge furniture pieces that once seemed to fit so well in your rooms are eating up much needed space. Don’t be afraid to scale back and incorporate smaller furniture pieces where you can to open up your rooms and get your space back.

Get practical: We all love art and furniture that expresses our style and looks good in our home, but chances are those pieces don’t serve much of a purpose. Thankfully these days, it’s easy to find stylish furniture and accessories that serve a dual purpose. Think comfy ottomans with storage inside, coffee tables with niches for magazines and coasters, and dining room tables with built-in drawers.  Even books with hollow cores are making a comeback on shelves serving as stylish organizers for odds and ends that don’t have a place.

Bedroom boosters: The bedroom is one of the top places where homeowners complain about not having enough space. But thinking outside the box and adding dual purpose pieces will give back. The space under your bed can make the perfect little nook for plastic storage containers for out of season clothes or shoes. Low beds can be transformed for this purpose simply by adding bed risers. Headboards are stylish, but generally don’t serve a purpose other than looking nice. Creating a headboard out of shallow shelves is a modern look that buys you extra space. If you’re feeling artistic, you can arrange box shelves or floating shelves in a fun design above your bed to display art, books, and DVDs as well as store essentials.

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