3 Spring Cleaning Secrets to Alleviate Allergies

Spring is here and along with beautiful Arizona weather comes the blooming of desert plants and allergies. Mold and tree, grass and weed pollen are the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. Millions of Americans experience allergy symptoms and they can also be caused by indoor allergens, such as dust mites, pet dander, and mold. If you want to help cut back on sniffles and watery eyes, try these 3 spring cleaning secrets to alleviate allergies.

1.) Purify your Air: Want to help reduce your allergy symptoms? Air purifiers are especially important in houses because they quickly and quietly clear allergens and other particles, effectively remove odor, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and almost all other pollutants present in the air. If you already have an air filter, remember to change or clean your filters regularly. Every three to six months is the norm, although you can change them more frequently if needed.

2.) Clean your Pets: Could your favorite four-legged friend be contributing to your spring time allergy woes? Absolutely! In addition to pet dander, pets who go outside are tracking in more than just their love for you. Pollen often gets stuck in your pets paws and fur and can contribute to your allergies, especially if they sleep with you at night. Be sure to wipe your pet’s fur and paws before they come inside. You can also use pet wipes in addition to increased bathing to help.

3.) Clean Overlooked Spots: Regular cleaning like dusting, vacuuming and mopping is a must to get rid of pollen, but don't forget to clean the overlooked spots in your home. Curtains, blinds, ceiling fans, windowsills, lamp shades, light fixtures, and the tops of door frames and upper cabinets are often harboring allergy irritants. And be sure to clean your mop, duster and empty the pollen-filled vacuum directly into the outside trash so as not to re-pollute your indoor air after all your spring cleaning efforts.

If that springtime burst of pollen leaves you sneezing, wheezing, and reaching for another dose of Benadryl, help ease your suffering with these 3 spring cleaning secrets to alleviate allergies. For more tips for your household or if you’re looking to buy or sell your Phoenix home this spring, please contact The Russo Team today.

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