3 Ways to Avoid Home Improvement Scams

Each spring and summer, professional home improvement scammers roam the U.S. in search of victims. Scams include everything from offering unbelievable deals that end up with hidden fees to using low-quality materials and not doing quality work. If you’re in the market for making big repairs to your property this season, here are 3 ways to avoid home improvement scams.

1.) Do Your Research: Before you pick a company for your home improvement project take the time to do your research. This includes price matching, reading online reviews, calling at least three verifiable references and checking reputable sites such as the Better Business Bureau for any issues or concerns. 

2.) Get Everything in Writing: Keeping a paper trail is essential for avoiding home improvement scams. It’s important to communicate your needs and get a written contract that lists the specific work to be done, costs, materials to be used, start and completion dates, and warranty information on products and installation. Read the fine print carefully and do not permit work before signing it.

3.) Pay with a Credit Card: Cash may be king, but when it comes to paying for services it may be best to pay with a credit card. Doing so will ensure that you have protection against scammers. If you pay with a credit card, your credit card company can work with you to dispute the charge if you end up working with a dishonest contractor or technician who asks you to pay up front then leaves before the project is finished or does not complete what was promised. 

If you do your research, get everything in a contract and use a form of payment that can be disputed if needed, you’re more likely to avoid home improvement scams. For more homeowner tips or if you’re looking to buy a home in Phoenix, please contact The Russo Team today!

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