4 Successful Staging Hacks to Sell Your Home Today

If you’re like most homeowners trying to sell your Phoenix home you’ll find you’re competing with lots of other listings, sometimes even in your own neighborhood. One of the best moves you can make before you show your home is to implement home staging. For those who don’t know, staging is the art of making your home look more appealing to potential buyers and can be the beneficial extra touch that moves buyers to strike now. Here are 4 successful staging hacks to sell your home today.

1.) Spruce up Curb Appeal: The outside of your property is the first thing buyers will see, so it’s important to make a good first impression. You’ll want to make certain your walkways are well lit and free of debris and spider webs.  Spraying for weeds is also important, especially if your home features a desert landscape or a nicely maintained lawn. If you don’t have time to focus on the outdoors, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of an affordable landscaper.

2.) Wonderful Windows: Nothing opens up a room more than beautiful, natural lighting. If you take the time to clean the windows in your home, you’ll allow more light in which makes rooms seem brighter and more open. As an added bonus, clean windows can show off a beautiful desert or mountain view.

3.) Declutter: Clutter is a home’s worst enemy. It makes a space seem smaller and can distract homebuyers from nice features. Anything from too many pictures on the wall to stacks of mail can turn potential buyers off. Start small by going room to room removing unnecessary items from view and storing them away. A tidy, de-cluttered home can help a potential buyer better visualize their own furniture in the space.

6.) Powerful Paint: If these walls could talk, they should definitely have good things to say about your home. Patching, repairing, and touching up scrapes is crucial, and a fresh coat of paint can make the difference between your home selling or sitting on the market. Peeling paint outdoors should absolutely be addressed. Want to make a statement the moment a buyer pull ups to the curb? Try adding a new coat of paint to the front door and adding a new welcome mat to invite would be buyers into their new prospective home.

Implementing these 4 successful staging hacks to sell your home today can help give you a great edge over other listings. If you are looking to sell your Phoenix home or would like more information about what it takes to sell your property, contact the Russo Team today.

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