6 Strange Superstitions about Easter You Never Knew

All the fun things about Easter traditions have been around for years. Everything from bunnies to hunting for eggs has been celebrated by many cultures. However some of those cultures also have superstitions attached to the holiday. Here are 6 strange superstitions about Easter you never knew!  

1.) Love: If you get engaged on Easter, you won’t get married.

2.) New clothes: If you don’t wear at least one item of new clothing on Easter, your tired old outfit will get pooped on by birds or spat on by dogs.

3.) Money: Always slip a small coin into the right-hand pocket of a new suit or dress, to avoid being broke and out of money when you wear that item of clothing.

4.) Hats: Wearing a new bonnet on Easter is lucky — even more so if a bird poops on it.

5.) Activities: It’s good luck to throw water on yourself and someone else for two days after Easter

6.) Eggs: Painting eggs red at Easter is seen as good luck, as it is the cooler of blood and life.

Whichever of these 6 strange superstitions about Easter you decide to try…or try to avoid, The Russo Team hopes you have a Happy Easter!

Frank Russo

Russo Team

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