Arizona’s Sign Law Trumps Home Owners Associations

The Home Owners Association (HOA) has the authority to dictate neighborhoods on just about anything. From the color of your home to the height of your fence, if you have an HOA, then you know they’re the first organization you need to speak with before making any changes to your property. But there is one thing even the HOA cannot disallow, and that’s “for sale” signs on your property.

With the support of the real-estate industry, there is now a law restricting regulation by HOA of these signs. The bill, signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, states that a homeowners association can no longer regulate the color, design, or size of the “for sale” signs. Signs cannot be larger than the industry standard of eighteen by twenty-four inches.

That being said, if your neighborhood HOA is requiring you use their preapproved sign or disallowing an industry standard “for sale” sign on your property, you should know that they are violating Arizona’s For Sale Sign statutes. The Arizona law states in part that “the association shall not require the use of particular signs indicating an open house or real property for sale.”

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