Don’t Sell Yourself Short – ask for a Home Warranty!  

Most buyers are aware that sellers, even banks, are willing to pay for a home warranty for a home purchaser. However, sometimes the home warranty gets pushed to the side in multiple offers situations or as a way to minimize the buyer’s closing costs. A good home warranty offers fantastic protection and peace of mind for new buyers.  Particularly when it is purchased by the seller, a home warranty plan is a tangible benefit for the buyer.

However, even if the seller is reluctant to make the home warranty purchase, the buyer is typically well served to invest in a home warranty plan.  The average Professionals Home Warranty customer uses their warranty 2.8 times in the first year!   With features like rekey service, HVAC tune-ups, termite warranty and sprinkler system coverage in addition to the standard home warranty components, you as the buyer will certainly have opportunities to get value from your Professionals Home Warranty.

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