Encanto Palmcroft: Your Historic Home Away from Home

Every home has a story to tell, and there’s no better place to hear its story than the breathtaking Encanto Palmcroft. Noted as one of the most enviable places to live in Phoenix, Encanto Palmcroft features spacious lots and admirable architecture dating back to the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The Encanto Palmcroft Historic District is just one of many popular historical districts located in the heart of Arizona’s beautiful Sonoran Desert and nestled within the Signs of Downtown Phoenix area. This charming seventy-five year old neighborhood offers some of the most varied in design among all the historic districts. Many of the estate-like homes here boast amenities such as large living spaces, guest houses, and lavish extras like wine vaults, servant's quarters, and second stories.

The winding streets and lush landscaping that envelope these classic homes are like something out of a storybook. Love golf? Encanto Palmcroft borders an 18-hole championship golf course. And if you love to play, the district is next to the beautiful Encanto Park which features 200+ acres of green grass, playgrounds, a swimming pool, and the Enchanted Island Amusement park which has been a family favorite for years.

Sound like your kind of place? If you would like more information about the Encanto Palmcroft Historic District or any of the beautiful historic districts in the Signs of Downtown Phoenix area, please contact the Russo Team. 


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