Environmentally Safe Pool Options 

Enjoying some pool time in the Arizona summer heat is a welcome respite from the hot cars and pavements that we all deal with on a daily basis, but not all pools are created equal. And not all are good for the environment either. In fact, most pools have some degree of contamination from bacteria, algae and organic materials from swimmer’s wastes. (Did you know that an active bather produces up to two pints of perspiration per hour?) Add dust and dirt, and you get plenty of ways for a pool to go bad.

That’s why it pays to do some homework before you commit to a new pool. Here are some eco-friendly alternatives to create a safe environment and keep your costs down.

While not a type of pool, enviro-friendly heating methods can lower your bills and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Using alternative heating methods like solar blankets and energy-efficient heat pumps will keep your pool warm. Heating options are a simple way to help your pool remain environmentally friendly without breaking the bank. In fact, efficient condensing boilers can help to cut down your pool heating costs by almost 20 percent.

An ozone sterilization system will reduce your pool maintenance costs and help keep the environment clean by using electricity to convert oxygen into bacteria-destroying ozone.

You might want to consider these types of pool before you commit to a conventional pool:

Saltwater pools Reducing chlorine usage helps to minimize overall chemical consumption and, like the ocean, saltwater pools use a saline composition to keep water clean without chemicals.  Plus, the mixture of chlorine and table salt creates electrolysis, which gets rid of algae and bacteria.

Natural pools Natural pools are made of gravel and clay and are an affordable alternative to conventional pools, plus they’re chemical-free and low-tech. Plants can be added and are a natural purification system that introduces oxygen and good bacteria into the water so that you won’t need clorine.

Moss-filtered pools:  According to statistics moss systems reduce chemical usage by 40 percent, water consumption by 75 percent, and save about $6,700 annually in bills. Plus they reduce water use, reduce the need to backwash the pool for cleaning and cut down on the need for chemicals like chlorine.

It’s always a great idea to reduce your pool maintenance expenses, help keep the environment clean and create the perfect backyard swimming hole, but above all be safe, always watch your kids in the pool and appreciate the fabulous pool weather we have here in the Valley of the Sun!  Best wishes for a safe and fun summer from The Russo Team.   

Frank Russo
The Russo Team
RE/MAX Professionals


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