Free Short Sale Webinar

On Saturday, April 21st the Russo Team will be hosting a Free Short Sale Webinar to provide an opportunity for participants to get answer to important questions about current short sale alternatives available in our market today. We have put together a panel of experts who will address all areas of the short sale process, including legal and tax implications and most importantly, can you ever own a home again.

For more information on short sales, please visit my website at for a complimentary copy of this month’s short sale report: The Robo-Signing Settlement Report.

Our Free Short Sale Webinar is a stress-free and anonymous environment (all participants personal information will be confidential). Space is limited so I encourage you to sign up today. You can reserve your Webinar spot now by clicking here. The Free Short Sale Webinar will begin at 9:00am on Saturday, April 21st 2012.

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