Is it a good time to invest?

According to RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly, during her keynote speech at the 2011 Equity University Networking conference a few weeks ago, she said investors are the key to the housing recovery. So is it a good time to invest?

Most people do not know this, however, according to study done by National Association of Realtors, nearly ½ of all investors had an annual income of less than $75,000. Smart investors understand how to leverage their income so they can afford to buy, hold (in other words rent) and then sell later when the time is right to make a profit.

Home prices are at the lowest they have been in over a decade. Plus rental rates are up by an average of 9% which equals potential positive monthly cash flow. Calculate in the additional tax benefits to owning an investment property and the answer becomes pretty easy to figure out.  

RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly also shared another very profound fact during her keynote speech. “Considering all the foreclosures that are in the pipeline in the form of shadow inventory, investors who rent properties are not only getting their pick of the deals, they’re also helping the victims of those foreclosures find shelter.”

Low home prices, tax benefits, increased cash flow possibilities and helping fellow American’s dig their way out of the financial crisis – I think the answer is clear – yes, it is a good time to invest.

If you have been riding the fence about whether or not buying to buy as an investment, or maybe you are not sure you can afford to, call my team. As Certified Investment Agent Specialist (CIAS) we have the knowledge and expertise to help you buy smart. Let’s get started – call us today!