James Lombardi of the Russo Team talks about Short Sales

James Lombardi, listing specialist for the Russo Team is a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE). James has been an active agent in the Valley since 2004 and today, he shares his feelings on the benefits of a Short Sale for homeowners facing foreclosure.

James, why do you choose to work with short sale clients?
It is rewarding to help homeowners in distress map out a road to recovery. The homeowner is still in control and has choices. The Russo Team is there to coach them through it. Homeowners don’t always realize they can still control the outcome.  There are alternatives to foreclosure and we can help homeowners navigate through the uncertainty and stress.

What has been your success ratio?
The Russo Team has had a lot of great success this year. The Short Sale process is different today than it was two years ago or even 6 months ago. A seller who has heard the short sale nightmare from someone they know, need to understand this market changes from week to week. Banks and lenders finally understand the gravity of the economic situation we are all in and they know short sales are a way to recovery.

Our success depends on a couple factors:
1.) The homeowner’s willingness to work with us. There are a lot of steps to a short sale and it can be embarrassing, stressful and uncomfortable. The Russo Team strives to make the process as easy as possible.
2.) The bank who holds the mortgage note has the final say in the short sale approval, however, if we can built a strong enough case, than we have a good shot at success. When we first meet with a homeowner, the Russo Team goes over all the possible scenarios and evaluates each situation case-by-case. We will tell you, in our opinion, based on what we know today about short sales what kind of success we will have. Each person’s’ situation is unique and different. Homeowners need to understand, it is not black and white and they should ask for help, regardless of what they have heard or what they think is possible.

James, what is the benefit of attending a Short Sale Seminar?
Absolutely the best free advice a homeowner can get on how a short sale and/or a foreclosure will impact credit scores, future tax returns and legal consequences. You will leave the seminar with the information needed to put yourself on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, people think they can just walk away with no consequences and that is simple not true.

The Russo Team is hosting a Short Sale Seminar – free to the public – this Saturday, October 15th starting at 10:00am. We will have leading experts on the distressed market conditions present to answer questions. I would encourage anyone reading this, if you or someone you know is facing the possibility of foreclosure to sign up. It is free and there are no obligations. Seating is limited so sign up now to attend.

To learn more about how the Russo Team can help you, please visit www.RussoTeamHelps.com or you can email James Lombardi at James@RussoTeam.com