Smart Investors

I was reading about our current market conditions online the other day, and it seems everywhere I look, the conditions are prime for investing in real estate. Home prices are low, average fixed-rate mortgages are low, more people are renting, and rents are rising.

Smart investors know this, and investment properties in our area have been going fast. Once you understand the math behind it, you’ll see why real estate is a wise investment. Investing the right way is about cash flow, not appreciation. Cash flow—in the form of rent—is the money you pocket after your expenses. It’s immediate, steady, and builds wealth over time.

Of course, there are plenty of factors to consider, and a thorough property evaluation is necessary, but that’s why you should talk to my team before you decide investing is not for you. As an agent with specialized training in real estate as an investment, I can show you properties that make sense for investing and help you invest with assurance. Contact me today. 602-864-1200 or visit us online at