The Russo Team Continues to get Educated

Over the past two days, my team and I attended a brand new training course which was hosted by the Charfen Institute out of Austin, Texas. The class is called the AgentGPS and it specializes in educating real estate professionals on how to run a business and how to provide an experience that consumers today are looking for. Attending an event such as the AgentGPS gives us the opportunity to learn and grow so we can become better at our jobs.

The Russo Team believes that continuing education is a cornerstone of our success and ultimately impacts the success of whether or not we meet your real estate expectations. We are excited to get back into the office and implement the ideas we learned at AgentGPS. As always, we welcome your feedback and input – and it is our goal to continue to improve the services we provide.

If you or anyone you know is considering a move, whether it is a home purchase or sale, the Russo Team is here to assist you. The market conditions have never been better to own a home – call us today and let’s get started! 602-864-1200 or