The Russo Team is Listening

I read an article this week about the importance of social media and how it can have both a positive and negative impact on the relationship we have with our clients and customers.

In the article, the author tells a story about a tweet he posted while having a bad experience in Las Vegas. “No Vegas hotel could be worth this long wait. Over an hour to check in. #fail" (of course, he includes the name of the hotel, which I have opted not to share in this blog).

In the article, he goes on to say that the hotel did not tweet him back, however a competing hotel down the street did. Instead of bashing the hotel he was staying at or trying to coax him into changing locations, they simply apologized for the bad experience. Had the hotel he tweeted about, been listening, the outcome of this situation could have been vastly different. So guess where this guy now stays whenever he is traveling to Vegas?

I know in our fast moving real estate market, there are lots of options when it comes to hiring a REALTOR. I also know, there are plenty of bad experiences which results in tweets exactly like this one I am sharing. Listening is a lost art in our service-oriented industry. At the end of the day, good experience or bad, most people just want to know that their needs have been heard.

The Russo Team is listening – don’t let your next real estate buying or selling experience result in a #fail – call me today. Frank