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As the most successful agent in the Glendale area with over 20 years experience, Frank has an encyclopedic knowledge of the real estate market and the area. Take advantage of his expertise and ask him your question!

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Some Popular Q's & A's

Q: We are moving to a new location and are concerned about finding the right location for us -- school for the kids, routes and drive times to work, new friends -- Where do we start? Kelley

A: Kelley, You have already used one of the best resources -- the INTERNET. You can find all sorts of answers to questions from all sorts of INTERNET sites. The problem is there are so many!!! First of all, through my web site you can get school and community information. I can even forward you to friends I have throughout the U.S. and Canada who have active websites in your area for just such information. Once you have collected some information, you should contact a Realtor in your new location. I'd be glad to refer you to a top agent in your new location, no charge, to get you started. She/he could help you wade through the information and distill it to a manageable size! Once you feel confident, remember we Realtors are information sources and are there to help you. After you have visited your new location you can trek to the schools and interview principals. Often the is the deciding factor in school choice. And a good Realtor will also help you locate a home within a decent commute for you! Good Luck! Frank

Q: I have had my house listed for 3 months and everybody says they love my house, but I have no offers. What's wrong? Is it my agent? Betty

A: Betty -- If you have been on the market for three months and "everyone" says they love ;your house, then it could be one of several problems. First of all. if people "love" your home, they should be writing you offers. That would mean, to me, there is a problem with the home that your agent has not sleuthed out yet. When we do feedback calls, we look for negatives. Negatives tell us way more than vague comments about "liking it but it's just not for them". Is the problem curable, like purple carpeting or too much wallpaper? Or is the problem something we can't change -- like a steep back yard or busy street in front or back? If you can find out the obstacles to getting a contract, you can correct the correct-ables, but if it is and obstacle you can do nothing about, that's a price objection. The only way to "cure" that defect is to adjust the price to compensate for the problem! Your agent should be on the ball enough to give you a pretty good idea of the problem! Ask her to be frank! Frank

Q: I currently have house on the market and I have very expensive blue carpeting. My agent insists that I need to replace the carpet in order to sell. Not only does that make me mad, but it requires a lot of furniture moving not to mention the cost. Won't an allowance do the trick? Bonnie

A: Bonnie -- Carpet and paint are the two most important items to address when it comes to selling a home. If you have a 'definite' color of carpeting, you limit your market. Your buyer would need to have furniture that goes with your carpet, so oftentimes they will eliminate a home that needs to replace a color of carpeting. And buyers buy what they see, not what they might imagine. Two things about a carpeting allowance: 1st, buyers will want the best carpeting money can buy (top of the line) so the allowance you would offer will not be enough, in their eyes. 2nd, buyers want a "move-in" house, not one that they have to paint or carpet. So you'll lose many more thousands of dollars and lose lots of time if you do not replace the carpeting now! Good Luck! Frank

Q: I've been planning on selling my house next spring, I'm worried about the market. Should I consider now or should I wait? Fred

A: Fred -- I guess it's "crystal ball" time! Most people think the fall and winter are bad times to have a home on the market. Traditionally, this time period is our second best relocation time. And relocation buyers have to pick from the homes that are on the market when they are looking. Some people take their homes off the market at this time of year. That is foolish, as they will miss out on motivated purchasers! It is true that local people may put off looking, as local people are interest rate sensitive, and rising interest rates will discourage them for a while. Long story short, we know what we are dealing with in this market. National gurus tell us interest rates are not apt to go down, but will continue to go up. The cost of gasoline and heating fuel will further impact buyers. This may be a good time to consider selling, now rather than in the future -- but only the future can tell us more! Good Luck! Frank



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